Welcome to the Tivoli Miracle Centre

Drive in theatre & community events centre

The Tivoli Drive In first opened its gates in 1976 and quickly became an iconic Ipswich cinema venue with The Drive In closed in March 2000 and the property was purchased by Rivers of Life Christian Church in 2003 and dedicated as the Tivoli Miracle Centre with a vision of transforming the derelict former cinema into a thriving 7 day per week Church and Community Centre.

In 2008 the church revived Tivoli Drive In as a weekly community Drive In theatre focussed on providing families with low cost family oriented entertainment, and providing employment and work skills training opportunities for unemployed young adults and youth.

In 2013 when the prospect of closure loomed again with the need to upgrade from classic 35mm Reel movies to new generation Digital Cinema Projection the community rallied around and demonstrated their support for us – raising nearly $100,000 in just 8 weeks to enable us to purchase a Barco DP2K 32B Digital Projector – at the time listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s brightest cinema projector – ensuring all the big movies would continue to come to life on our mega 32m x 20m Drive In screen.

Since 2008 Tivoli Drive In has screened more 600 new release movie box office hits; provided employment and skills training opportunities for more than 550 unemployed people or high school students; provided family entertainment for an estimated 480,000 people and raised more than $380,000 for local community groups and charities. 100% of all profits generated by our movie nights and community events go to support the local Ipswich regional community.

Movie audio is broadcast via 93.9 FM, so you can tune into it with your car radio. The audio is also played over speakers below the screen and outside the Cafe building. Alternatively, we have small portable FM radios for hire from the projector room for $7.50.

Five Reasons to Visit Tivoli Drive-In

#1 – Community

Community is everything. Luckily, at Tivoli Drive-In we have the privilege to be intimately involved in our grand and diverse local Ipswich community. Volunteer involvement is the lifeblood of our operation, encouraging any and all community engagement. As a result of this strong community involvement, we’ve had the ability to build a strong foundation of community volunteers, helping benefit our local community. Our friendly community continues to grow with 100% of profits feeding back into supporting our community.

At Tivoli Drive-In we play host to the Social Enterprise café. The café is trainee-operated, helping those with a distinct interest in hospitality find employment, so every dollar spent at the café is guaranteed to make it into a worker’s pocket, ensuring continued employment and valuable work experience. Initiatives such as this and more are how we help and support every facet of the community and keep social enterprise alive.

#2 – Destination

After a long day at work, what better way to relax and unwind than spending the night watching the latest new releases? Take off on an afternoon drive and head down the Warrego highway to spend the night beneath the stars at the Tivoli Drive-In theatre. Surrounded by native bush land, the Tivoli Drive-In is the ideal location to enjoy your movie going experience. If while during the movie you fancy either a bite to eat or something cold to drink, head up to our local trainee-operated café. Offering a wide assortment of both food and drinks, you’re guaranteed to satisfy your appetite.

#3 – Comfort

What better place to enjoy a movie than the comfort of your own car? Tune into our exclusive radio frequency and have the freedom to adjust the movie volume to your heart’s content. If the car isn’t really your style, feel free to bring along your favourite deck chair and your most colourful pyjamas, if that’s your jam.

The movies aren’t the only things to sit back and enjoy at the Tivoli Drive-In theatre. Before the beginning of each movie kick your feet up and watch a spectacular sunset over the projector screen, whilst being serenaded by local music acts utilising our state-of-the-art outdoor amphitheatre. After the sun has set the beautiful night sky reveals itself. If you have never had the opportunity to see a shooting star, this would be your chance as they are commonplace here at the Tivoli Drive-In.

#4 – It is economical

It’s only $15 a car! What else needs to be said? Where else will you be able to watch two newly released movies back-to-back on the same night for only $15?! Keep in mind, this isn’t $15 per person, this is $15 per car so no holds barred, bring as many of your friends and family members that you can jam pack into your car!

#5 – You can bring your fur baby

There’s a reason they call dogs man’s best friend. It’s because they are! So come on down and bring both your human best friend as well as your real best friend and enjoy the show.